'If I have access to a video library, why should I want to store ten pairs of shoes in the closet?' - Vilém Flusser

iPhone Videos
The Commuter pt2/The Commuter/HD100/Lucky/High Street/Sirius/Mum's Flowers/Outside Oto/Ben and Sholto/Gulls/X Files/Blea Tarn/Merc/Alfie and Frida in the Dining Room/Slate/Mum/Bath/Merry Christmas/Alfie/Wilson/Bathroom/Park View 2/Park View/Swan and Cygnet/Green Towel/Yellow Tree/Speedos 2 (blue)/Fluorescent Jogger/Pebble Beach/Smit Marks/Grey Towel/La Pasta/Brambles/Bedsheets 3/4 Penrith Ave/3 Blue Towels/Apple 2/Morning 2/Hanging Carpet/Average Fruit Bowl/Moonflower/Swan/Garden Set/🌊/Balcony 3/Runner Beans/Around the Nettles/Cockadoodledo/Effe, Fetch!/Bulls/Runtzmere/Angus/Llyn Padarn/Eddy in the Sink 2/BZZZ/The Long Water/Balcony 2/Post from George/Eddy in the Sink/Ben in the Livingroom/Delivery/The Barrows/Brad/Forsythia/Ladybird 2/Morning Exercise/Waiting Room/Cacti/Daffodils 2/TSISER/Beckmere/Different Socks/Optoma/Boxing Day/Isla's Decoration/Andrex 2/Static Pan/Plants on Windowsill 7/Chilli/Room Video/Selfie/Magpie/Andrex/Plants on Windowsill 6/Roses in a Jar/Nutsy in the Garden/Ladybird/Clipped Rose/Jasmine Bee/Foot Dance/Malha/Toalha de Mesa/Restaurante/Plants on Windowsill V/Elm/Desert Rose/STEPWGN/Stickle Tarn/Tulips/Cycas thouarsii/Three Tiers/Bedsheets 2/Daffodils/Corner/Placemat/Allotment/Slow Window/MRI/Waves/Net Storage/Window Grill/Plants on Windowsill IV/Caledonian Rd./Morning/Wet Socks/Lecture Theatre/Speedos/Dress Close Up/Tumble Dryer/Water in a Glass/Costume/Blind/110 Southwark Street/Blind Bumps/T-shirt on Washing Line/Mint/Lift Wall/Obscured Wall/Window Bars/Bar Grill/Studio Windows/White Perforated Grill/Shop Floor/Juan Zorrilla de San Martin/Compostela/Zoom Dentro y Fuera del Cielo/Marco de la Ventana Goma/Ventanas Del Galpon/Day Room/Sink/Overground Floor/Orange Into Blue/The Polo Tower/Sheepskin/Silk Scarves/Leaves and LEDs/Fold Down Table/#CC0000/Porcelain/White.jpeg/Stair Case/Zooming In and Out of a Ceiling/Plastic Window Frame/Apple Products/Bend Gate/Bendy Pencil/Oscillating Fan in Beige/Rear Window/Plants on Windowsill III/District Line/Paradise/Elmslie Point/Ice Water/Butterfly/Fan on Window/Hair Pin/Plants on Windowsill II/Spiked Fences/Bedsheets/Obscured Windy Scene/Awyr Dwr Tir/Llen Brown/Butterfly Garden/Ascensor/Silla en Balcón/Two Kitchen Pans/Fan on Floral/Convocation/Obscure Glass/Exhibition Road/Fire II/Light III/Spiral Staircase/Shutter/Balcony/Botanical Garden/Grate/Rose/Flowers/Plants on Windowsill/Light on Tea/Purple Haze/Bark on Trees/Apple/Road/Nutsy/Light on Card/Spokes on Light Box/Expanded Cinema/Structure/Light II/Light/Tree/Paper/Fire

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Alban's Pad/Lewes/Symi/Dover/Uppermill/Grasmere/Fell End/Mega Ball/Tuscany 17/Portugal 16/Exhibition Road/Winterwood/Colour Correction/Argentina 15/Arnie Space Race/The Making of the Hotel Room/Dam Paris Travelling/Dam Paris


Sidney Nolan Trust/Portugal/V&A


Yucca Yucca Yucca/Broadway Market/Polka Dot Dress/Oscillating Fans/Hanging Basket/Untitled (plant moire)/Colour Correction/Fans/Three Waste Paper Bins/Arnie/Hangers/Dinosaurs 3D/Bin on Towel/Fan on Fan