an orangered cliff face, with patches of gorse, between a moonlit sky and dry white bushes. Still at first, with a background rumble. Then moving along, walking on pebbles. Fluctuating colours.  Faint sound of birds chirping and water running. Moving in, green leaves,  scanning/search into pink and purple twigs, that crerk and thwonk against the phone. (Too) close. More thwangs, looking up. A patch of gorse, still with yellow flower. Stream sound. A piece of ocean rounded polystyrene. Running water. Focus in, zoomed out. Walking pebble clatter. Rock shimmer. Dripping. Closer, splashing, thudding the lens. Turning away. The Bay. Distortion, wipe  the drip. The sunset. Power Station.  Rock pools. Zoom. Amy. Lights. HS1 & HS2, floodlit, whirring, monstrous. Nuclear power. Driftwood. The horizon, a small boat from earlier. Into a gradient sky. A seagull flies past, followed it. And another. Wind Turbine. Cranes. I run. Crashing stones, rocks. Soft sand. Carful on slippery bits. Amy walking, stopping to consider an image. Moving along the beach. By a stream. Orange, yellow, navy. The camera never does it justice. Maybe Jupiter. A chirp.

made on 17/12/21, on a smartphone, on half-moon bay in Heysham
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