He's the, he's the Alpha and I'm the...
Never let the dog become the Alpha
SERIOUSLY. Seriously
Excuse me do you have have a spare cigarette?
I need a place for my drink
Funnily enough I've got one
An asshole who dunno how ta fff. Gimmie one second son
Hi Pluto
ahey. It's your friend! good boy
good boy
Very beautify aren't you. Aw
good boy 
Do you live locally?
Yea down on err, Royal College Street
do you know it?
yeyeye. Awwaw
Yea its good. I've been
Ow you should come here more, have you been in here before?
Much Abliged thank you
Not with him no
I would remember Pluto. Aww
Just em, yea been sort of keeping, staying at home a bit with him but yeh now he's allowed to come out
Yea you should come here more
We're gonna hit the pubs aren't we little man
Yeah, oh yea its his pub, first pub outing
First outing to the Stanley, the best pub in Camden
Be a good pub in winter, has it got a fire in there?
No... just looks like we do
yea it does
but you know, we put candles and stuff like that so
Yeah, good food isn't it
Really good food. Have you had food here before?
Yeah I did I came a bit I had a stake I think. Sat at the bar
steak sandwich
Really good. err no it was like on a, on a plate and came with chips
On a plate?? with chips??
I know
Bloody hell. 
how fancy is that
And you said you sat at the bar?
Ah it was probably a while ago then yea
Yea it was about a year ago
Madness, yeah I don't really do that anymore. Do a nice steak sandwich though
Ah ok
If you're interested
Why is the kitchen changed?
oh we change the menu every three weeks
ok yea
Keeping it fresh. keepingitfresh keepingitlight. Our pizzas here they all stay.
And people are still having to book?
No we don't take bookings anyway
You don't?
No, it's just walk ins
Ah ok
Juust walk ins. Yea. Are you trying to get a photo of Pluto?
What through the pint glasss? Haha, is it coming out well?
He likes sitting at the table
Yeh it looks quite funny
Oh wow hahaha, haha ahh
He wants to see!
Aww Pluto, it looks, it looks pretty arghtee
He thinks he's missing out now
Aw you're not missing out on much. You're the star of the show
He's quite, he's quite good a poker, as you can tell from his er

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