Orbs of light in spitty rain. Walky movement, the light from street lamps is obscured by posts and tree trunks. Warm lamp glare bounces cold LEDs. Houses, Windows. Green leaves still hanging on. A tree fork. Silhouetted skeletons. Cars on wet roads, reversing beeps, door slams, a moped. Parking Prohibited. 30MPH. Main road sounds. Parent and child. Orb illuminated scaffolding. Cyclists, Bus stop, 425 timetable. People eating behind condensation. A cheese plant, an ambulance, the Mac repair place. Another tree, blur. Run across in the break. Checkerboard floor through steamed up glass, and a revolving reindeer merry-go-round decoration ✨

made on 11/12/21, walking to Hai Cafe
download here