What do we know?

To know or believe anything, is to go back to the initial principle of perception, and to take reality as physical fact. Though it is within this area of study, that scientists, physicists and theorists are deciphering the root of perception, and questioning if what is seen, is reality as we know it.

If you were to measure a distance with an inaccurate ruler, you would have an inaccurate view of space. Then with the evolution of sense, our toolbox of perception is limited to the five senses, and with this, information could be missed - that assuming reality is factual to begin with. As science gave new, measurable proofs to the unknown, reality ventured away from the mystical, and settled logically in the answers of reason. Though the prolific eye of science, now delving into the microcosm of multiple dimensions, seems to be looping back to original, more fantastic theories.

An interesting, seemingly incredible concept, is the measurement problem, where an atom is only measurable, only exists in its reality state, if it is viewed by a conscious mind. And as atoms are the building blocks for all reality, everything is created, solely for the purpose of perception within the viewer. Answering the question, if a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make any sound? If perception is taken from the location, then not only is there no sound, but there is no tree, no location; though the tree still falls. To view the space of the pre fallen tree, the idea of the tree exists in consciousness, and so to a viewing of the post fallen tree - though the event has not taken place in a perceived reality - the tree will be prone, as consciousness is a combined perception. And with this idea of a whole consciousness, aspects of a higher being, nature, god and living space become more apparent as science decodes the process of reality. The Hadron Collider for example; its failed attempts have been diagnosed as nature itself, where living space can prevent events in the knowledge of their future repercussions. Here is the notion of an immeasurable consciousness, that not only affects, but creates and shapes reality.

In the controversial experiments of Japanese Professor, Dr. Masaru Emoto, the effect of love and hate are seen physically in the crystallisation of water. Where water spoken to lovingly produces perfect, symmetrical ice crystals when frozen; equally the crystals spoken to with hatred produce sporadic, inconcise patterns. Though this phenomena in traditional science seems inconceivable, taken in relation to evolution, and the development of understanding, negative and positive vibrations could be the impact of relevant feelings expelled through consciousness stemming from a rudimentary repel or attract nature in the early stages of life. This then questions our effect on the world, and how thought can influence reality.

Now if reality is created around consciousness, through the rules of reality in relation to perception, what is to say that reality is not created simply to coincide with reason, to create an infinite universe if one looks far enough; or produce millennia’s of history and background, so to suit logic and rules. As in reality there cannot be nothingness, cannot be timelessness; consciousness accounts for this upon arrival.

Theoretically, a quantum physicist lives in a very different world than a tribesman. Though this could be more than just theory. Separate created realities, inside the same combined consciousness. Where all religions and beliefs are factual, inside each separate consciousness, shared inside the reality whole. Linked in space and time, though separate in history and future. For some the world is around 4.5 billion years old, yet to others it is a mere 6,000. These could both be correct… I am not religious, my reality is based on logic and science. Though if time, space, matter, do not exist outside consciousness, before the mind had been evolved, none of this existed; though space and time must exist as to evolve the mind. This paradox questions the idea of time, space, and consciousness. Where consciousness started, creating reality; logic creates history, as a by-product of the future; and time as a by-product of the present, and the perception of reality itself. In this sense, consciousness may not have even begun yet, and this reality could be the process of history through perception, where time is relevant to create logical meaning to the future.

We can only know what perception allows us, and in the search for answers, theories seem to be our closest vision. Whether who or how, these are the questions that have altered and created entire new worlds and beliefs, plausible in the desire for clarity, in the never ending search for the real.