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Bulls, iPhone 7 plus, 26/06/17

Bull, Apple Dictionary, 27/06/17

bull calves.
aim for the bull!

he bulled the motor cycle clear of the tunnel.

I try not to analyse anything—I just go in like a bull at a gate.
he was rushing about like a bull in a china shop.
she decided to take the bull by the horns and organize things for herself.

the pope issued a bull of excommunication.
much of what he says is sheer bull.

Effe, Fetch!, iPhone 7 plus, 29/07/16

Cockadoodledoo, iPhone 7 plus, 29/06/17

Cock, Apple Dictionary, 01/07/17

the biggest salmon I ever had was a 45 lb cock.
please yourself, cock.
that's all a lot of cock.

she cocked her head slightly to one side.
a greyhound cocked its leg against the tree.
he took the loaded pistol from his belt and cocked it.
the party cocked up the Euro-elections.

he wore a leather holster, the automatic slung at full cock butt-forward.
the animal responded to the noise by cocking its ears.
she held up a finger for silence, cocking an ear to the background music.
he cocked an eye speculatively over the rim of his glass.
don't ever forget he's cock of the walk here.

we perched on a half-built cock of hay.
it does not rake the grass into rows, nor cock it.

Around the Nettles, iPhone 7 plus,  30/06/17