peer  |pɪə| pair |pɛː|

Faye peered at her with suspicion.
the towers peer over the roofs.
for yet a many of your horsemen peer.

hereditary peers could still dominate the proceedings of the House of Lords.
he has incurred much criticism from his academic peers.

the Thames could not peer with the mill-streamlet close to my home. 
of Homer it is said that none could ever peer him for poetry.

he is a goalkeeper without peer.

a pair of gloves | three pairs of shoes.
Jacobs had two pairs.
a company run by a pair of brothers | get out, the pair of you.
each course member tries to persuade his pair of the merits of his model.
76 pairs of red kites.
she enjoys driving her pair.
one minister was flatly refused a pair by his Tory opposite number.
a pair of jeans | a pair of scissors.

a cardigan paired with a matching skirt.
killer whales pair for life.
my friends had paired off and I was the only one playing the field.
arrangements are usually made between the party whips for an absent member on one side to be paired with an absentee on the other.

we can always do with an extra pair of hands.


the knot was difficult to undo.
there wasn't any way Evelyn could undo the damage.
you can frequently undo the error if you notice it in time.
Iago's hatred of women undoes him.
the undo command.


it was a beautiful hamlet with just 100 residents.
arctic residents are joined annually by long-distance migrants.
the hotel restaurant is open to residents and guests of residents.
he has been resident in Brazil for a long time.
resident farm workers.
the film studio needed a resident historian.
resident mute swans and wintering Bewick's swans.
an intangible computer program resident on a magnetic disk. 
the ability to load memory-resident programs.


the new Madonna album | new crop varieties | this tendency is not new | 
a fascinating mix of the old and the new.
a second-hand bus costs a fraction of a new one.
a new baby.
new potatoes.
her new bike | a new sensation.
a way of living that was new to me.
I'm quite new to gardening.
I have a new assistant | this would be her new home.
looking for new business.
New York.
starting a new life | the new South Africa.
a bottle of pills would make him a new man.
the new architecture.
the New Bohemians.
somebody being too lazy to talk—that's a new one on me.
‘Hello Preston, what's new?’. 
United were unlucky … so what's new?


a complete list of courses offered by the university | no woman's wardrobe is complete without this pretty top.
I only managed one complete term at school | the complete works of Shakespeare.
the house comes complete with gas central heating and double glazing.
the restoration of the chapel is complete.
a complete ban on smoking | their marriage came as a complete surprise to me.
his range of skills made him the complete footballer.
he completed his PhD in 1993.
you may find yourself in a position where you have to wait for your purchaser to complete, whereas your new home is ready.
he was still throwing the ball hard enough to complete 48 of 76 passes.
complete your collection of Britain's brightest gardening magazine | quarry tiles and faded rugs complete the look.
please complete the attached forms.


what's the matter? | call the doctor | the phone rang. 
the Queen | the Mona Lisa | the Nile.
I've got the flu.
dish of the day | man of the moment.
the Johnsons were not wealthy.
the O'Donoghue.
the fuss that he made of her | the top of a bus | I have done the best I could.
George the Sixth | Edward the Confessor | Jack the Ripper.
he taught himself to play the violin | I worry about the future.
they placed the African elephant on their endangered list.
the unemployed.
they are trying to accomplish the impossible.
they can do 120 miles to the gallon | 35p in the pound.
he hoped to publish monthly, if only he could find the money.
he was the hot young piano prospect in jazz.
the more she thought about it, the more devastating it became.
commodities made all the more desirable by their rarity.


babies fill parents with intense feelings of love | their love for their country.
they were both in love with her | we were slowly falling in love.
give her my love.
take care, lots of love, Judy.
his love for football | we share a love of music.
she was the love of his life | their two great loves are tobacco and whisky.
it's all right, love.
don't fret, there's a love.
love fifteen.
play for love 
do you love me?
I'd love a cup of tea | I just love dancing.
he played for the love of the game.
for the love of God, get me out of here!
for the love of Mike take off those shoes!
one of the young men makes love to a village girl. in the morning they made love.
there's no love lost between Scott and me.

Experience, Apple Dictionary, 25/07/17

he had learned his lesson by painful experience | she spoke from experience.
you should have the necessary experience in health management.
audition day is an enjoyable experience for any seven-year old.

the company is experiencing difficulties.
an opportunity to experience the excitement of New York.

Cock, Apple Dictionary, 01/07/17 
(in response to Cockadoodledoo

the biggest salmon I ever had was a 45 lb cock.
please yourself, cock.
that's all a lot of cock.

she cocked her head slightly to one side.
a greyhound cocked its leg against the tree.
he took the loaded pistol from his belt and cocked it.
the party cocked up the Euro-elections.

he wore a leather holster, the automatic slung at full cock butt-forward.
the animal responded to the noise by cocking its ears.
she held up a finger for silence, cocking an ear to the background music.
he cocked an eye speculatively over the rim of his glass.
don't ever forget he's cock of the walk here.

we perched on a half-built cock of hay.
it does not rake the grass into rows, nor cock it.

Bull, Apple Dictionary, 27/06/17
(in response to Bulls)

bull calves.
aim for the bull!

he bulled the motor cycle clear of the tunnel.

I try not to analyse anything—I just go in like a bull at a gate.
he was rushing about like a bull in a china shop.
she decided to take the bull by the horns and organize things for herself.

the pope issued a bull of excommunication.

much of what he says is sheer bull.

Marbled, Apple Dictionary, 19/05/17

attractively marbled cloth or paper.

the spotless white marble of the Taj Mahal.
a marble floor.
her shoulders were as white as marble.
a pair of dramatic marbles showing dogs attacking a buck.
a couple of girls were playing marbles.
I thought she'd lost her marbles, asking a question like that.

the stone walls were marbled with moss and lichen.

he's now picking up his marbles and going home because his political career is in tatters.

Apples, Apple Dictionary, 14/05/17

he's a fool, Mary, as his father was—the apple never falls far from the tree.
a daughter who had ceased to be the apple of her father's eye.
he hasn't made it up those apples and pears in ten years.
chartered accountants have no time for rotten apples in their professional barrel. looks like we hired ourselves a bad apple.
‘Is the fire safe?’ ‘Yeah, she's apples.’.
apples and spice
apples and rice,

CatApple Dictionary, 10/05/17

a marbled cat.
his mother called me an old cat.
this West Coast cat had managed him since the early 80s. the cat went crazy on the horn.
I kept her off the wind and sailing free until I had the anchor catted.

he continues to play cat and mouse with the UN inspection teams.
this car is the cat's whiskers.
now that Viola had let the cat out of the bag, she had no option but to confess.
controlling the members of this expedition is like herding cats.
you sit in this office like the cat that got the cream and expect the world to revolve around you.
the plan did not have a cat in hell's chance of succeeding.
‘His parents are away for the weekend.’ ‘I see—while the cat's away.’.

models fitted with a cat as standard.


Life, Apple Dictionary, 10/05/17

the origins of life | cats require visual experience during the first few weeks of life.
lower forms of life | the ice-cream vendors were the only signs of life | the valley is teeming with bird life.
a disaster that claimed the lives of 266 people |she didn't want to die; she loved life.
his father decided to start a new life in California |a teacher will help you settle into school life | revelations about his private life.
a life of Shelley.
he departed this life on 28 March 1912.
a spiritual pilgrimage into her past lives.
we were called to the hospital, but the old rogue had nine lives and seemed to be negotiating for another two.
she has lived all her life in the country | they became friends for life.
underlay helps to prolong the life of a carpet.
she was beautiful and full of life.
the pose and clothing were sketched from life

all this was of great interest to her, as if she were coming to life after a long sleep
he brings the character of MacDonald to life with power and precision.
soon, with the return of the fishermen, the village comes to life again | bring any room to life with these coordinating cushions.
I clung on to the tree for dear life | Sue ran for her life.
I can't for the life of me understand what you see in her.
what do you mean by frightening the life out of me?
if he's a waster then get yourself out of there and get a life.
he's devoted to the royal family and would give his life for them.
he was standing nearby, large as life.
he was a larger-than-life character on and off the pitch.
William was infinitely preferable when he was being the life and soul of the party.
a major exhibition of his life's work.
he lost his life in a car accident.
she would not go out on the Sabbath unless it was a matter of life and death.
‘I want to see Clare alone.’ ‘Not on your life,’ said Buzz.
the driver of the train managed to save his life by leaping out of the cab.
Rosalind kissed her. ‘Oh you darling! You've saved my life! I've been so miserable’.
playwrights are too busy writing plays to see life.
with more cars around than ever, you take your life in your hands just crossing the road.
we'll miss each other, but still, that's life.
Ice cubes clinked in crystal glasses. ‘This is the life,’ she said.
there he was, Nathan to the life, sitting at a table.
she couldn't stop crying now to save her life.

Matter, Apple Dictionary, 10/05/17

I am not sure what value it adds to determining public, or for that matter private, policy.
the British are given pre-eminence in the matter of tea.
it's only a matter of time before the general is removed.
they were shown the door in a matter of minutes.
it's a matter of working out how to get something done.
it's a matter of complete indifference to me.
the reports are published as a matter of course.
they must as a matter of proper form check to see that there is no tax liability.
no matter what the government calls them, they are cuts.
no matter, I'll go myself.
to make matters worse, free school meals have been withdrawn.
They were in collusion. But what matter, since apparently he didn't care?