Spring, Fortresses, 2021, label: Drangon's Eye Records

Glow Line, Ben Pritchard, 2021, lablel: Okraina Records

Suspensions and Solutions: Part II (Alex Mills), Liam Byrne, 2019, label: Bedroom Community

Don't Listen to Your Heart, My Sad Captains, 2018, label: Bella Union

Live at Ben's House, Ben Pritchard & Sholto Dobie, 2018

Live at The Old Dentist, Ben Pritchard, 2017

I See Cadence In a Beating Chest, Ben Pritchard, 2015

Hardly There, My Sad Captains, 2014, label: Bella Union

Hey Moon, John Maus, 2012 label: Upset the Rhythm

Edge of the Sweet Night Flower, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, 2011

Space Rail, Weird Ribs, 2011

The Beauty of Doubting Yourself, Daniel Thomas Freeman, 2011

Milky White, NWG, 2011, label: Smokeland Studios

Baby it's Cold Inside, The Fun Years, 2011