Movement in Colour

Where the illusion of movement and representation of space is created through a series of static graphic forms, this series of works shows a variety of ways these ideals have been utilised by artists working in film and video.

Red and green, 2012, Nicky Hamlyn, 2min (16mm video transfer)

London, 2015, Peter Millard, 1min

Swimmer, 1987, Michael Mazière, 6min (16mm video transfer)

Rest Easy, 2014, Jenifer Juniper Stratford, 8min

Twice Over, 2012, Simon Payne, 12min

Seven Reflections, 2013, Luke Aspell, 4min

Primrose, 2014, Amy Dickson, 2min

Self Portrait in Grain, 2015, Hannah Taverner, 1min

Object Studies, 2005, Nicky Hamlyn, 17min (16mm video transfer)

Total run time 55min

As part of a series of screenings at the V&A museum, London