Digital Aesthetics, Selected Links

Digital Aesthetics is a workshop I run on the MA Visual Communication at RCA, London. These works were printed as links on beermats and distributed (to varying degrees) by the artists around London bars. They should ideally be viewed on a smartphone.

Describe, 2017, Hannah Schrage

Speed Limit, 2017, liuqing yang

Live, 2017, Edan Rabanes

Drawww, 2018, Jack Wild

D.A., 2018, Chris Smith

The Postcard, 2018, Barbara Mueller

Triangle, 2018, Taeho Kim

Dreamed Ikea House, 2018, Biala Alicja

Ouch, 2019, Yiqi zhang

Various, 2019, Emily Schofield

what is boring content? 2019, Ewa Poniatowska

document, 2019, Max Koehler

ScreenRecording_03-29-2019 2-41-51 PM, 2019, Phil Veech

Digital Aesthetics, 2019, Louise Gholam

Face Filter, 2020, Joshua Woolford (Requires Smartphone)

Digital Aesthetics, 2020, Pitisuda (Bam) Sukumalchantra
Bamzooki, 2020, Maria Vorobjova (Requires Smartphone)

Untitled GIF, 2020, Inès Iragui
Face Filter, 2020, Yuan Xu (Requires Smartphone)

Don't Eat the Marshmallow Yet, 2020, Ziting Hong

Trails, 2020, Liqiao Zeng

Digital Aesthetics, 2020, Jinwen Xian

Death By Entertainment, 2020, Siyu (Hank) Fu