Building Structures

The selected works will show the broad use of these themes by artists and filmmakers in the run up to Jenkinson’s final movie documenting of the development of the Exhibition Road construction site over his year as a museum resident.
Sea, 2011, Gareth Polmeer, loop

Site specific performance, 2015, RL Wilson, variable duration

Encounter, 2013, Fan Hong, 2013, 2min

54 Morning Lane, 2011, Suky Best, 7min

About Now MMX, 2011, William Raban, 27min (35mm video transfer)

Gasometers, 2015, Nicky Hamlyn, 12min (16mm video transfer)

Point Line Place (for PP), 2010, Simon Payne, 8min

Total run time 60min

As part of a series of screenings at the V&A museum, London