white and beige dense hair light and shadows browns and creams whiskers a nostril pinks two cows right nose sniffs and licks whiskers and glisten into shadow lighten, pull away brown cow's back in the sun creased and rippled a tagged ear a white face a bulging eye forehead frown lines eyelashes facial hair nostril print, raisin texture shadowed flowing hairlines back and ear and trees a half blink a full blink rippling hair, rolling a fly swoops past a solid forehead left cow's eye just out of the sun a blink a deep dark pupil behind drooped eyelashes blinking, half closed a beam of light their own ear shadow their structure, their nosey friend licking the phone eye and ear and a tuft of brown hair keeping an eye on me behind a fence turning a big lick on their friend's face and another nuzzling a whiskery nose zooming out behind a bar flies buzz more cows in the background a sunny day 26/08/22 iphone 7 plus  download